Very good

When working on your PC, the clipboard is undoubtedly one of the most used features in Windows. It's a shame then, that it's pretty limited!

ClipTrap is a fantastic, portable little application that does something great with the clipboard. Any time you copy something into the clipboard, it will be saved in ClipTrap's little window. Text and links are saved as is, while files are saved as locations only (so you can find where the file you copied is stored).

If you do a lot of copy/pasting, this is a neat way to keep a history of what you're doing, and can also save you time moving back and forward between different applications. it's a very basic application beyond this feature - you can switch it on and off, choose a font and allow it to minimize to the system tray.

There's nothing really wrong with ClipTrap - it's stable, easy to use and useful. There are apps like this that add new hot key commands to the clipboard, but it's really only a matter of taste whether or not that's a better system than simply listing a clipboard history for you to use when you need. Be aware that ClipTrap doesn't save its state when you close it!

ClipTrap is a great, lightweight way to expand the clipboard.



ClipTrap 1.0.2

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